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Skyline Softwares is developing Technical Testing Softwares mainly for Pump & Motor Manufacturers. Using these Software Packages manufacturers can develop different type of Reports and Graphs.

Performance Testing Softwares - Motors & Pumps

Testing the quality of pumps is a tedious task for a pump or motor manufacturer. To ease their process, we offer the simple yet effective technical testing software that generates reports and graphs as per BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) norms. It can also be used for R&D and pump comparison.

Our software can be customized as per the customer requirements to ease the pump testing. We understand our clients and built the software to reduce the manual work and prevent unexpected expenses. Our software is highly suitable for water lifting pumps used in residential and agricultural industries. With our effective customization, we can make our technical testing software to get adopted with other pumps used in the following industries.

  1. Oil & Gas
  2. Chemical
  3. Semi solid handling
  4. Marine
  5. Construction
  6. Food & Beverages
  7. Water Treatment
  8. Defence
  9. Automobile
  10. Heavy machinery

Our high-quality testing software is built based on the ISI standards to offer seamless testing for ISI pump and motor manufacturers. The latest version of our testing software 2.0 is now available with updated features.

Benefits of Technical Testing software

  • Reduces cost by reducing manpower
  • Rapid performance
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Unique feature to obtain precise data and data maintenance
  • One complete software to generate the combination of four different results
  • It enables the user to add, edit and update the readings
  • It avoids redundant values
  • The user can carry the testing by performing more trails
  • Our testing software is built based on the ISI standards
  • After-sales software service
  • cost-effective software

Features of Technical Testing software

  • Pump comparison
  • Advanced Pump Testing: motor testing, routine testing
  • Graph generation
  • Chart for observed and declared values
  • Automated Report generation for the observed, minimum and maximum observed values
  • Online help facility
  • Backup option

About package

This software package has been customized for ISI quality Pump & Motor manufacturers by studying ISI procedures. Latest version of this package (Ver 2.0) is now available with new advancements.

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